What is love? <3

Today I went to a party and learned a lot about love and I felt like writing it down for the internet to have forever. BE PREPARED FOR WORD VOMIT

Everyone has a different definition of love but it all seems to boil down to the same thing which is just an immense emotional connection to someone in some way whether that be with your friend, mom, significant other,etc. I have learned a sad truth today, which is that even though someone might start a fire inside of your heart that will never die, they are not always the one that will be there forever.

I have a close friend and her relationship is fizzling out, which is very sad and difficult to watch. This relationship brought together a lot of people and is the connecting link to many friendships.  I feel that this relationship has helped her realize more of who she is and what she wants in a relationship. It helped spark a fire that will never die, but he will not be around to watch the fire grow. With her being my best friend I want what is best for her but I also am rooting for her relationship.

I also just want to through out something. Find someone to spend your life with that will take care of you even when they are mad at you. If you are in a very heated argument and are also very sick, they should still make sure you are okay. If something is happening in your life and you need someone to lean on, I feel as though they should be there for you even if y’all are fighting.

This is all just my personal opinion about different aspects of love and this post has no purpose other than for me to word vomit into the internet for all to see. I hope to read this later on in life and see how my view on love has changed. Goodnight all ❤


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