My Bucket List

MY BUCKET LIST!!! I need to write one anyways because some of the things I want to do are able to be done now so I might as well just write it all down here. 🙂

  1. I want to go to the airport and take the next flight to wherever it is
  2. I want to go bungee jumping… but blindfolded
  3. I would like to go sky diving
  4. I want to try getting accupuncture
  5. I think that swimming with sharks would be fun
  6. I want to try cliff diving
  7. Reading a banned book would be intersting
  8. I want to go on a cruise to somewhere not tropical
  9. Going to Australia would be fun, I think
  11. I want indoor skydiving
  12. I want to travel with just my three brothers to a foreign country
  13. I want to visit a new country every year when I am out of college
  14. I think exploring a cave would be fun
  15. I want to participate in murder mystery dinner

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