Spring and Summer Look Book

It is now starting to warm up where I live and summer is right around the corner, I decided to put together a look book of one week of outfits  for spring and summer type weather.

Day one-  Burnt Orange and white stripped cropped shirt I got from target with high waisted and distressed  jeans and gray converse. I like this outfit because it is very casual and also kind of edgy, if it was colder I would throw on a leather or jean jacket

Day two- Jean shorts that I paired with a black flower tank top, it had small white outlines of flowers and leaves. I threw on black gladiator flats from Francesca’s. This outfit felt like a toned down version of a Coachella outfit.

Day three- I picked out light blue chiffon type tank top that is halter style, I put these with dark jeggings. I then put on some white converse to brighten up the look. This outfit is laid back but could be dressed up with hair or makeup.

Day four- On day four I decided to pair a big and baggy type long sleeved, button up sweater with a black knee length dress that has tiny daisies on it. I would wear white converse with this or Jack Roger type sandals to dress it up a bit.

Day five- Floral, chiffon, pleated skirt paired with a short sleeved, black t shit tucked in. With this outfit I would wear black flats, or any type of sandals really that where neutral in color.

Day six- For a warmer day I would wear jean shorts with a black shirt I have.It is halter and very flower with cut outs on the shoulders. There is white embroidery detailing on the collar and chest area with small flowers and such. The sleeves are very flower and almost like wings :p that have white detailing around the edge too. I paired this outfit with converse, sandals or flats, it could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Day seven- For the last outfit I chose, is very hippie style. I paired burnt orange palazzo pants that have almost a netting type of layer over them with a long sleeved, white, short sleeved crop top. I would wear flats or wedges with this outfit if I was going somewhere nicer.



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