Spring Break

This post is not going to be what you probably think its going to be. Currently, I am on spring break and I did not make any plans… My spring break is going to be the lost laid back and relaxed week and a half ever. Most people go to the beach or some fun place for vacation, and I normally do too but this month is super busy so my family decided to stay home.

I was kind of upset at first because I saw everyone doing such fun things, but I actually like this whole kind of “stay-cation” type of thing. I am just taking care of myself and focusing on the little things. I normally get up around 5 AM during the school year but I have been getting up around 8:30 just to do nothing. I have been lounging around my house in sweatpants all day and just eating food all day :p

I guess the purpose of this post is to just let you know that sometimes instead of going somewhere new and fun, it can be fun and good for you to just stay home for a bit and focus on the little things.


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