My name is Ally, I am in high school and this originally started as a a project for my creative writing class. Our teacher gave us an independent study project where we could pick from a few different things such as writing a children’s book, a comic book, doing a photo essay, or other things of that nature. Its a few days into the project now and I plan to keep going with this after the project is graded as an outlet for me.

I was going to start this by saying my parents are divorced and I just realized that I say that every time someone asks me about myself…. So I’m going to now talk about something completely different. 🙂

I live in a relatively smaller town right near Raleigh NC and have lived in places all around the area. I love music and chorus, I have been in chorus since the 2nd grade and it has given me so many opportunities that I am so thankful for. I have always loved the arts; theater, dance, visual arts, chorus, and band. I have never been in a band class but I do play piano and I have respect for them and have many friends in band,

I am really interested in science and anything related to it. Space, biology, evolution, medicine, chemistry,  all of the above, literally anything in science will interest me. I also have a special affinity for words. Not just the meaning of words but the reasons that they mean things, the spelling of words, weird words, long words, very short words, just anything related to words. So whether I like it or not I will be going into a field that involves words, science or both. :p

There’s not much else to me really so lets do rapid fire. I am loud, I talk a lot, I love to read, I make friends with everyone, I have a struggle to decide on things, I cant find the line between good and bad sometimes, I have three brothers, my name is not short for Allison but I have nothing against the name, and I love all paradoxes. OK, that’s all for now. If you haven’t already go check out my recent blog post! ❤